SOA Horse Comforter


What is a comforter or blankie?

A small blanket or soft toy specifically designed to be used for settling babies and Toddlers providing comfort when they need reassurance.

Guaranteed Lifestyle changes 

  •  Psychological Comfort
  •  Strong Family Bond
  •  Separation Anxiety
  •  Sleep Training
  •  Toddler Tantrum & Teething
  •  During Sickness
  •  Arrival Of New Sibling
  •  Times Away From Home
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Tips for introducing your comforter?

Place the comforter between you and your baby during feedings. Your baby will notice the comforter very quickly

Leave the comforter on yourself for a few days to absorb your scent the most effective method is to sleep with it overnight, guaranteed.

Give the comforter to your baby during nap times and fun play times.

Keep the comforter within reach during sleep, where it can be easily cuddled to help calm your baby back to sleep.

The scent of you on the comforter will naturally calm your baby.

Consistency is the key on parental journey!

We understand how amazing is baby growth & development!

Material 100% Polyester

Dimensions 45 X 45 CM

Hypoallergenic material

Suitable From: Birth

Washing Instructions: Washing machine safe



Additional information

Weight195 g
Dimensions45 × 45 cm


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